Yoga mat for beginners - a guide

Yoga mat for beginners - a guide

Yoga mat for beginners - a guide

Yoga mat for beginners is a difficult, but important choice. Looking for a yoga mat that fits you perfectly? It's a good fit for you! Make yourself comfortable in the world of Moonholi and see what we can offer you.

Why do you even need a yoga mat?

Let's start with the basics - the yoga mat for you. It's meant to change the quality of your practice, make it more comfortable and keep it safe. Imagine that while performing the dog pose with your head down, your mat shifts and rolls up, and you get that awful feeling of frustration. Then comes discouragement and the practice ends not as it should. Or when relaxing - you are lying on your mat, you would like to calm down and relax. Unfortunately, your mat has other plans - it's hard, stiff, doesn't provide enough cushioning, and again you're distracted and can't focus on what you're doing. And relaxation isn't even an option.

We could multiply examples of more or less dangerous situations that can happen to you on a bad yoga mat. But that's not what we mean. We want you to understand that a yoga mat is like any other sports equipment - a bicycle for a cyclist, shoes for a runner or skis for a skier. It has to fit perfectly, because only then does it guarantee safe practice and the best possible results.

Your yoga mat is meant to protect your body from injury, so it should have a matching thickness and length. It must not slip on the floor, so you should pay attention to its grip. In addition, it insulates your body from the hard floor and provides it with the desired thermal comfort.

Choosing a yoga mat for any beginner can be quite a challenge. After all, it's the enormity of the designs, colors and materials from which the mats are made that makes us dizzy. And on top of that - we know very well that the more options, the harder it is to decide on one. So how to choose THE one and only yoga mat? Let's check it out!

What do we pay the most attention to when choosing a yoga mat?

This issue is of particular interest to us, so we decided to explore the topic. It turns out that when choosing a yoga mat, it’s important to look at:

  • adhesion - we don't want it to slide and roll, do we? We also need to be sure that it will provide our body with the desired stability and that we won't slip on it while performing the most complicated asana.
  • comfort - more specifically, the weight of the yoga mat, its insulation from the ground and the comfort of our body.
  • design and aesthetics - these aspects are particularly important for beginners, who don't yet quite know what to focus on in particular when choosing a mat. And there is nothing wrong with that, after all, our mat must simply please us. That's why we pay attention to its color, texture and even smell.
  • the quality of the mat versus its price - let's not hide the fact that it matters a lot. But it is worth treating the purchase of a yoga mat as a long-term investment that will pay off in the future.

The best yoga mat

The basics are behind us, so it's time to get down to specifics - the main criteria for selecting a mat. It could be said that there is something good for everyone. But before you find one, you need to take into account some individual needs:

  • Your body's conditions - sensitive knees, delicate wrists, increased sweating, or perhaps a tendency to allergies? All this affects the choice of yoga mat and determines its specific properties.
  • The type of yoga you practice - classical, dynamic or birkam yoga? Regardless of which one you practice, your mat must be matched to it.

So, before you choose a yoga mat, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What type of yoga will I practice most often?
  2. How often will I use a yoga mat?
  3. How intensely will I exercise on the mat?
  4. On what surface will I most often lay out my mat and where will I practice? At home, at a yoga school, or maybe outdoors?
  5. What are my physical conditions? Do I have any allergies or ailments that will affect my choice of yoga mat?
  6. How important is the look and design of an exercise mat to me?
  7. Should my yoga mat be eco-friendly?
  8. And finally - what budget can I spend on buying an exercise mat?

Step 1 - think about the thickness of your yoga mat

The thickness of yoga mats varies - it starts at about 1mm and goes up to 1 cm. The most popular among mats are those that reach a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. The thinner ones (1-2 mm) are used as travel mats, as they fold perfectly into a cube. You can also find them in Moonholi's offer - see for yourself. Thicker mats can be ideal for people who need much better cushioning. They will work well for thin people or those complaining of knee discomfort during exercise.

The thicker your yoga mat, the larger its dimensions and, of course, its weight will be. It will be more difficult for you to transport and store it. Therefore, if you often practice away from home and usually transport the mat on your own shoulder, choose one that is narrower and lighter at the same time. You will surely thank us for this advice someday.

Step 2 - choose the yoga mat material that suits your needs

Plastic or natural rubber - that is the question? No matter which one, it has to be safe for our body and contain no harmful substances. Most mats look similar at first glance, regardless of the material they are made of. But we assure you, the differences between them do exist and concern quality, adhesion and, of course, the price of the mat. And not so long ago there was actually only one material available for yoga mats, namely PVC. It's a good thing those days are behind us, because this material, despite its excellent grip, was not very friendly to the environment and our bodies. Today, PVC is still used for mats, but it's a slightly different material - with an improved formula and certain certifications. So if durability and ease of mat cleaning are your main criteria for selection, PVC will be ideal. But, of course, the one certified and from verified sources. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something completely different, then you should bet on rubber - natural, ecological and perfectly non-slip. Does it have any disadvantages? One - it will deteriorate much faster than mats made from plastic. Then there's TPE - a biodegradable material, suitably non-slip, durable and lightweight. Sounds good, right?

Step 3 - adjust the size of the mat to your height

Short and to the point - if you don't want your leg or foot to suddenly find itself off the mat during yoga practice, touching the cold floor, choose a mat 5-10 cm longer than your height. Standard mats are around 180 cm, but for those looking for a less typical size, there will also be something good available.

Step 4 - decide on the style of yoga you will practice most often

This is where the dynamics of your practice and your body's tendency to sweat matter most. It seems logical that the more dynamic the yoga or the more practiced in a high temperature (like Birkam Yoga), the more perspiration. The more of it there is, the greater the risk that you will start slipping on your mat, for example. There is a way around this - choose a mat covered with microfiber, which has excellent moisture-absorbing capabilities. And the problem out of the way!

Whether your yoga style is more or less dynamic, your mat should be non-slip, as only such will keep you safe. For more dynamic yoga, you also need to pay attention to the durability of your yoga mat, as it can be prone to damage.

Step 5 - also pay attention to the design of the yoga mat

In this case, there are no restrictions. You can choose from flowers, spiritual symbols, geometric patterns or magical attributes. Your mat can be black or quite the opposite - white or colored. Of course, the bright one will definitely get dirtier, or maybe only give that impression? This does not have to be a limitation for you, if you are ready to take care of it with proper care.

Step 6 - ask if it will be easy to keep the mat clean

Yoga mats are more or less prone to staining, depending on the material they are made of. Some mats can be washed in the washing machine - for example, those made of PVC, because they fold easily. For others - those made of rubber, this is not an option. Rubber mats should be cleaned without detergents, instead using natural cleaning agents such as vinegar. Take this into account even before choosing a yoga mat, and it will save you a lot of nerves and problems during its use. 

You get to know Moonholi's mats better....

At Moonholi, we have created mats that are out of this world - eco-friendly, beautiful and some of the best on the market. We take an individual approach to each mat - starting with the design, through the making, and then the use. Moonholi's mats are not SIMPLY yoga mats - they are beautiful images, attention to every detail and a perfect fit for each user. We create them with passion and it gives us great pleasure. In the world of Moonholi mats you can find:

  • Yoga mats standard

Made of natural rubber with the utmost care and attention to detail. Full of spiritual inspiration that we have transferred to their unique design. Among them you will find:


Created by girls with other girls in mind - cancer patients. It is our pride and allows us to share good energy with the Universe. If you decide to get a COSMIC mat, we will donate 10% of its sales to the Rak'n'Roll Foundation. You go girl!


It was inspired by travel, and it was created for girls who love freedom and an active lifestyle. Practicing on the TROPICANA mat will allow you to move to an exotic beach, where your body will be wrapped in the sun's rays and a gentle breeze from the ocean. Don't believe it? Just give it a try.

BODY mat

Combines Italian aesthetics and mystical philosophy. Its unique design celebrates the female body as an art in itself. It will help you work with your own body and teach you how to fight its weaknesses. Through the practice of yoga on the BODY mat, you will achieve a balance between your body and mind.


Created for plant lovers and as a tribute to these remarkable organisms, thanks to which the world as an ecosystem, can exist. A worthy representative of the group of plants is ivy - because of its beauty and strong symbolism. Perhaps through practice on the VEGANIKA mat you will be able to climb the rungs of yoga - just like this ivy.


It differs from the VEGANIKA DAY mat actually only in color. We kept a similar color scheme in it, only in an inverted version - this time the mat is green, and the ivy on it appears in shades of white.


This mat has beautiful earthy colors and interesting Moroccan references. It evokes warm Arabian nights full of unusual stories. The PERSIANA mat was inspired by a famous storyteller from a collection of tales from the Middle East. Practice on this mat can be full of exotic experiences.


A pinch of magic hasn't hurt anyone yet, and it may even help. The MAGIC mat is filled to the brim with alluding attributes - flowers, herbs, crystals or a magic ball. All these are accessories of a modern sorceress, and this yoga mat can be another one of them. Let it enchant your yoga practice.


It refers to the philosophy of Hinduism and the concept of the existence of the so-called Third Eye. We believe that it is one of the main energy centers in the body. We are certain that it allows us to see what is invisible at first glance. The Hand of Fatima, on the other hand, is a talisman symbolizing feminine power, which protects us from evil energy. The ILLUMINATION mat is associated with mystery, and its elegant design gives it a unique character that you should know.


We have enclosed in this mat the good (and beautiful!) harmonious vibrations themselves. We combined them with a unique shade of mint, which is associated with nature and peace. All this is conducive to practicing yoga and meditation in the spirit of harmony and balance. So if you are looking for peace and tranquility, the VIBRATION mat will be perfect for you.


Iconic, elegant, black and white. Practicing yoga on it will not distract you. It is inspired by the magical powers of the Moon - the ruler of the night. The symbolism of the moon identifies hopes, dreams, fears and intuition. And THE MOON mat allows us to feel as if we are "not of this world".


The first mat in our collection created with men in mind, although it will also perfectly hit the to the tastes of many a female warrior. In its central point we placed a Chinese dragon - a symbol of strength, power and happiness. So that these values are never lacking both during yoga practice and in life.

  • Yoga mats pro

For the more demanding, precise, detailed. Made of eco-polyurethane, which takes care of uncompromising grip. The pro series mats prove that you can combine the pleasant with the useful, although in this case more beautiful with functional.

Pro Sticky VENUS mat

Its theme is the geometric symbol of Venus - a distinctive five-petaled flower. It gives it delicacy, subtlety and girlish charm. The Venus symbol is attributed with strengthening properties, calming the psyche or increasing energy. The unique combination of patterns and colors makes the Pro Sticky VENUS mat the personification of femininity.

Pro Sticky MAGIC CARPET mat

Inspired by Middle Eastern legends, symbolizing the power of its master and adding energy. With the Pro Sticky MAGIC CARPET mat you will be able to feel like you are on a real red carpet - strong and confident.

  • Travel yoga mats

Lightweight, thin, eco-friendly and made of natural rubber. You can take them with you really anywhere - just fold them into cubes and pack them into your suitcase. They were created to make your life easier and take care of your comfort in any situation. In the travel version you will find the following mats: COSMIC GIRL, MAGIC, TROPICANA, ILLUMINATION.

  • Round yoga mats

They are really unusual, because they are round. When creating it, we thought about making it not only a unique place for you to practice yoga, but also a beautiful piece of home decor. We wanted it to be with you always, so don't roll it up and let yourself jump on it whenever the urge strikes you. 

Shamanka round mat

Its design subtly alludes to the classic symbol of balance between two opposites or yin yang. Embodying these opposites are a black cat and a contrasting female silhouette.

Elephants round mat

For this one, we used the symbolism of an elephant personifying happiness, joy and success in life. We wanted the Elephants yoga mat to portray a symbolic path of spirituality by showing a gray, wild elephant being tamed.

  • Mini version of yoga mats

Otherwise known as yoga pads. They work great when performing standing postures and cushion the joints perfectly. In the mini version you will find our ILLUMINATION, MAGIC, COSMIC GIRL, TROPIACANA mats.

We are confident that you will find something ideal for you among these unique Moonholi yoga mats. Stop for a moment and listen to the voice of your heart. And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.


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