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out of this world


Premium yoga mats made with love, and a touch of magic

We are living in an inexplicably magical world. There’s no doubt that we were given life on an absolute jewel in the Universe. Its mathematical perfection, sacred geometry, gorgeous sound patterns and the healing frequencies of energy, all unseen, but so definitely felt on a vibrational level, are all magical forces of the Universe.


Tune into the frequency of the Universe

At Moonholi we are convinced that our Universe is a stunningly intelligent design, and we are committed to draw power from its magical forces, to achieve a holistic balance and the life we desire.

Each of our beautiful yoga mats was spiritually designed. We have created them in careful resonance with the Universe, to take you just that little bit closer to its sacred patterns, frequencies, energy and vibrations.

We are not saying we have discovered the Secret of the Universe, but we believe we are pretty close.

Ready to resonate? Tune in.