Yoga at home - how to create your perfect yoga space at home?

Yoga at home - how to create your perfect yoga space at home?

Yoga at home? - how to create your perfect yoga space at home?

Desire, determination, a moment of time for yourself - some of the most important things you need to start practicing yoga. This activity both rests and develops the mind, and creates movement for the body. Regular yoga practice keeps you healthy - physically and mentally. No matter how much you read and learn about yoga, your most vital decision will be... to just get started and experience the many benefits regular yoga practice has. So to feel comfortable, take care of your surroundings and create a perfect yoga space in your own home.

Are you ready? Let’s begin

You don't need much to start practicing - all you need is some floor where you can lay the mat with space for free movement. But if possible, we should pay a little more attention to the space itself, as it will positively influence our mood and motivate us to act. A perfect place to practice yoga if possible should meet a number of conditions:

1. Simplicity and minimalism

    The yoga space should be arranged in a minimalist way - after all, strength is simplicity. Neutral, subdued colors, the right furniture and delicate accessories will allow us to focus our attention on what is most important - improving our body and soul. To further emphasize the purpose of such a place, you could hang a mirror there. This is a perfect way to focus on yourself, and above all – your technique.

    2. Calmness and intimacy

    A perfect place for yoga is also one that will be 100% yours - the way you like it, but also one where no one will bother you. Don't choose a corner where someone keeps passing through - it'll only distract and irritate you. Practicing yoga is supposed to be an element of your daily relaxation and rest - you have the right to enjoy it.

    3. Senses - your eyesight - take care of the access to light

    Are you wondering where to find the perfect place to exercise? The best place to do it is in the natural light - close to the windows. The access to this light is very important - it allows you to charge your energy, unlike artificial light, which is tiring for our body. But there can't be too much light, because it may dazzle and distract you.

    A good solution is to use roller blinds or cosy curtains, which allow you to adjust the amount of light depending on the time of day and the access to it. It is also worth considering the time when you are most likely to practice. If it is in the evening, make sure you can create the right atmosphere with a small lamp and lit candles.

    4. Senses - hearing - which sounds should accompany you

    Try choose a place or room where you can rest from the typical sounds in your home. Tell your family you want to have a moment to yourself and ask them not to disturb you. And don't forget to turn your phone down. Silence is a key element that allows you to focus and control your breathing. If you don't like blissful silence and you need sounds to concentrate, then focus on relaxing music. Calming and soothing sounds of nature or the forest is a perfect partner for you.

    5. Senses - smell - don't forget about that

    Let it be the one you like the most, but be gentle – choose one that won't cause you a headache. The scent may be from candles or incense. It will allow you to create that special mood and make it easier to focus on the moment.

    6. Coziness

    The floor and the mat are the basics. However, to add a bit of cosiness, spread out a few pillows or add a nice, soft blanket. These trinkets will not only be a decoration, but can also be an element of your sphere of rest, relaxation and meditation after completing your exercises. Make sure they are made of natural materials - this will add a touch of atmosphere to your yoga place, while maintaining a minimalist style.

    7. The view that will accompany you

    We often associate the best places to practice yoga with Bali - a large space and a natural environment. If you have the possibility, make sure to choose a window from which you can see at least a little bit of green. When there is no such option, think about a unique photo wallpaper, or add flowers and plants to the interior. Thanks to this your space will become more harmonious.

    8. Temperature and ventilation

    Make sure the temperature is right - it must not be too hot or too cold. Thermal discomfort will not allow you to fully concentrate on your exercise. Also think about ventilation - ventilate your place before and after practice. This will help to oxygenate your body and mind.

    9. Green surroundings

    Don't forget the plants! Their presence will allow you to focus and calm down - that's how the green of their leaves works. And most importantly, it will be an eye-catcher. Plants will also provide more ventilation and oxygenation of your corner.

    10. Required equipment

    In fact, you don't need much - loose leggings and a t-shirt made of airy material, a hair band and a mat. You can spend a little more time choosing the perfect mat - it needs to be of good quality to last as long as possible and to perform in all conditions. Check out our Moonholi mats - we pay maximum attention to details to make sure they fit your needs ;)

    Practice yoga at home - is this for me?

    Yoga at home is really for everyone – including you. The ideal situation is when we have the opportunity for home practice to experience that under the guidance of a teacher. We should get to know the basics in the yoga school to avoid technical mistakes. Independent practice means perfection, learning self and self-discipline. The most important thing is to know that you are practicing for yourself and your satisfaction. Don't get discouraged too fast - not everything works out the first time and you have to learn this too. And if you say it's not for you, remember it's okay. When you notice that there are problems with regularity, motivation or focus, think about going back to a teacher for guidance. After all, we must take full advantage of the benefits of practice. And in order to draw from it, you have to work on it.

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