Best gift for yogi

Best gift for yogi

What's a gift for a yoga enthusiast?

Every special occasion requires an equally special setting. Whether it's a birthday or a holiday, gifts are always welcome. Sometimes you don't even need a special occasion to give someone a gift. After all, who doesn't like to bring joy and a smile to the face of their loved ones? It's all good if we know what the person would like to get. Perhaps we know the person so well, or maybe he or she has a particular passion that would be a great point of interest for us? Because gifts, in addition to being meant to please, should also be functional. After all, it's not about throwing gifts somewhere in a corner or putting them on a cupboard and quickly forgetting about them. Gifts are there to be used! That's why we'd be happy to suggest to you what kind of gift you can give any yogi or yogini. Or just yourself, if you belong to this group ;) Stay with us for a awhile and you won't be disappointed. We promise!

Something proven for everyone - what gift to choose?

Large, small, edible, functional, or maybe a bit unrealistic? The choice of gifts for yogis is really huge. However, it is worth basing your decision on the real needs of the recipient. Perhaps another headband will turn out to be a poor idea, because the person already has three? Instead, they will need a good and proven aromatherapy diffuser or a comfortable top for exercise. Before the upcoming occasion, it's a good idea to keep a closer eye on your sister, friend, buddy - the person who will be gifted. It is necessary to listen to their statements. Maybe there is a clue hidden somewhere between the words. If the gift doesn't have to be a surprise, you can directly ask what he or she currently needs or even better - what does he or she dream about? In that case, the chances of a misplaced gift are greatly reduced. Of course, only if the answer is something along the lines of "I don't need anything."

Gift for a yogini episode 1 - yoga mat

Somewhat predictable, we know. But after all, a yoga mat is an indispensable attribute for any yogi - we can't help but immediately associate it with them. Although this "indispensability" also means that it's already part of the equipment of the yogi. Stay calm, there is no situation without a solution. Perhaps that earlier mat is already worn out and somewhat damaged? Or maybe a good solution would be to buy a travel mat, which will be perfect for a trip? Or the perfect gift will turn out to be a round yoga mat, which will also be a beautifully presented accessory? Only you know the answer to these questions. After all, for a yogi practicing only at home, a travel mat is unlikely to be useful. For a yogi with little space to spare, a round mat will be pointless, as they will have nowhere to spread it out permanently and admire its beauty. But no worries! We are only at the beginning of the list - a lot of gift ideas are still to come.

Gift for the yogini episode 2 - yoga workshop 

It is said that the best gifts are those that leave behind beautiful memories. And such a unique experience will certainly be a yoga workshop organized in a charming place and in the company of lovers of this practice. And we don't mean trips to distant corners of the world, rather a weekend getaway to the Hel Peninsula, or perhaps quite the opposite - to the Bieszczady Mountains? Although it could just as well be a stay in a resort a dozen kilometers away from the city. At the end of the day, it's all about the atmosphere, planned activities, workshops, lectures and, of course, being surrounded by inspiring people. We guarantee that such an organized yoga trip has a chance to please everyone...but it will be hard to make it a complete surprise. So in this case, we recommend a subtle consultation with the person who is to be gifted. Unless you are so close with each other that you know their plans and calendar entries. Then you can take the risk without fear.

Gift for a yogini episode 3 - health locked in a jar - supplements from Zojo

Yoga takes care of the body and mind. It is health in itself and part of a balanced lifestyle. Yoga opens your eyes and allows you to look at things differently. It teaches us to pay more attention to what we eat, how we take care of our physical and mental comfort or how we behave towards others. An ideal addition to the lifestyle of every yogi and yogini will be Zojo's unique supplements, which have been created for the sake of for our inner beauty. This is a portion of healthy pleasure enclosed in a beautiful jar, which is additionally pleasing to the eye. These blends look good and really work, so they are an excellent gift idea.

Among them you can find some that will successfully take care of beauty. For example, The Collagen Formula ( which will take care of the youthful appearance and condition of skin, hair and nails. On the other hand, The Gorgeous Formula ( full of vitamins and antioxidants will help make radiant skin the calling card of anyone who uses it. The Young Formula (, or rather its ingredients, will make skin look better and younger.

Supplements from Zojo can support not only the appearance of the skin, but also improve metabolism and support digestive processes. Such as The Supergreens Formula (, a blend of ingredients known as superfoods for a reason, which have the power to cleanse and detox. Or The Bikini Body Formula (, regular use of which supports digestion, reduces appetite and even stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Zojo's offer will also include somewhat less "defined" blends, and these will work well as a gift for someone you don't know that well enough to know that they have problems with their digestive system, for example. Then opt for a real soothing of the senses and a boost of good energy encapsulated in Magic Cocoa ( or choose Golden Adapto Latte (, known worldwide for its properties.

All of these elixirs are created according to a philosophy close to every yogi, that is, vegan, not tested on animals, gluten, lactose and preservative free. A real must have in everyone's life - see for yourself.

Gift for the yogini episode 4 - books about yoga

Sometimes it's fun to explore a topic and learn "more". It's the same with yoga - its practice begins on the mat, but as time goes on, it goes beyond and more boldly. Questions arise - how? why? The answers to these are worth seeking in proven sources, i.e. books that are eager to explore the deeper layers of yoga philosophy. They will help you find answers to nagging questions and grow - intellectually and spiritually. A book is and will always be a tried-and-true, if somewhat safe, gift. It is worth reaching for it if we do not have a very close relationship with the gifted person, and yet we want to give them pleasure.

Gift for a yogini episode 5 - aromatherapy diffuser

Practicing yoga at home is a ritual that needs a proper setting. Of course, yoga without candles or a pile of pillows can also be done, but why deprive yourself of all these extra pleasures? We are of the opinion that yoga is a time for yourself and it is good to celebrate it properly. That's why, as a gift for a yogini, we suggest something that will make this special moment in the day more pleasant. And in addition to making it more pleasant, it will also take care of the body's mental and physical condition or help reduce stress. Because this is how the essential oils work, which have hidden their magical properties in small bottles and which we can use precisely with the help of a diffuser. Today diffusers are designer devices, which, in addition, can become a decoration of any room. Their main task, however, as the name suggests, is to diffuse oils in a safe and effective way. Aromatherapy using diffusers is an excellent way to relax, calm down, but also to support the treatment of many ailments. After all, most of the oils that we spray thanks to them have antibacterial, antiviral or anti-inflammatory properties.

Gift for a yogini episode 6 - yoga accessories

Accessories are often associated by yogis with something extra, and how extra is unnecessary. Or maybe more like not necessary. Their purchase is relegated to the background and put off in time, and in many cases never comes to fruition. That's why yoga accessories are an excellent gift idea! Yoga practice with their participation can revolutionize the practice on the mat, and the gifted yogi or yogini will always be grateful to you for this gift. Properly used yoga accessories will make its practice safer and easier. Yes, because some of the positions previously inaccessible to the mind and body, will become definitely more accessible.

Among yoga accessories, there is plenty to choose from. Yoga straps will stretch every muscle. Blocks and foam pads will allow you to adjust each asana to your own ability. Rollers and bolsters will allow you to adopt the most comfortable position and relieve the strain on the lumbar spine. Blankets and towels will become an excellent stabilizer for joints and support for knees or wrists. And if you are looking for something less defined and more "ordinary" then we recommend covers or straps for yoga mats. They are indispensable for transportation and extremely helpful for storage. In addition, they are pleasing to the eye. And what will you decide on?

Gift for a yogini episode 7 - a scented experience, that is, candles or incense sticks

We probably don't know anyone who would not like such a gift. And even if he or she would hesitate, we have in store arguments that will convince any unbeliever. A candle, or rather its flame, is a source of light that brightens the aura and creates an extremely relaxing atmosphere. Scent compositions hidden inside it promote relaxation and soothe all the senses. Candlelight is associated with relaxation, homely warmth and an enveloping atmosphere. You can successfully enjoy the scent of candles during meditation, one of the stages of yoga – relaxation, but also during a bath or an evening for two. Aromas have a great impact on the body and mind – they can have a calming effect or, on the contrary, a stimulating effect. So, if not candles, maybe incense will turn out to be an ideal gift idea? Not only will it be a source of fragrance, but it can help rid the surrounding space of bad energy. Incense are used to release bad powers and unfavorable outside influences. Every yoga practitioner reaches a point in his or her practice where he or she is eager to learn about sensations such as rituals for cleansing one’s own space. And even if he is not yet at that point in his practice, incense will be an excellent and all-natural air freshener for him. Later, he will be able to use it for meditation and to deepen his or her own spiritual experience. Just bestow this little bundle made of white sage, lavender, cedar or Palo Santo woods. And then let the magic happen J

Gift for the yogini episode 8 - taste sensations

Going out together to a new vegan restaurant and testing the seasonal menu? Sounds great! After all, everyone likes to eat good things, so it's a more rather than less safe option. And if not a diner, then what? A stockpile of healthy snacks that are perfect for after a workout will also be ok. Let it be bars, power balls or small packets of nuts and dried fruit, something small that you can take with you anywhere. Tea will also be a good idea, especially for supporters of small daily rituals. The concept of food gifts doesn't convince you very much? You might want to delve into topics around food - here the choice seems even greater. Lunchboxes, bidons or filter bottles will come in handy for everyone.

Gift for a yogini episode 9 - exercise outfit

This idea couldn't be missing from this list. In theory, yoga can be practiced almost anytime, almost anywhere and in almost any clothes. But theory is one thing, and practice, as we know, can have little to do with it. You think yoga outfit, you say - comfort. And that's what it's supposed to be, first and foremost. As comfortable as possible - not too tight, but not too loose either. Preferably without any seams, zippers, laces. Made of natural and breathable materials. Ah, and of course in the right color. A bit of a lot of these factors to take into account, right?  If you know well the person you want to gift, then choosing a T-shirt, leggings or overalls will not be a problem. But if you don't want to think and make that decision, choose a gift card. Because simple solutions are sometimes the best. However, if you decide that it's too simple for you, just go for something universal, the size of which you don't need to know at all - for example, a hairband or haramaks - calf warmers.

Gift for yogini episode 10- something intangible - time and companionship

Time is perhaps the most precious thing we can give to a loved one. Especially when we have too little of it on a daily basis to share it. Spending a few hours together during the day, or maybe a weekend trip out of town? It just depends on you and the time you want to devote to the other person. If she or he is close enough to you that you want to gift them with something intangible, you certainly know best. Trust your intuition.

And which gift idea among our suggestions will you choose?


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